RWBY: Adam Taurus’ Mask WIP Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you can check that out here!

When we last left our villainous accessory, it had been cut out and awaited heat forming. But before doing that, I had to address a detail on the under layer.


As you can see in this image, the under layer extends past the over layer at the top. At that point, there is a border that seems to be slightly raised, surrounding a recessed area. Looking at some other images, it looked like the border was actually on the same level as the rest of the under layer (or at least where I wanted the under layer to be). I decided that I would cut out the inside of the border and the reattach the cut out piece just barely inside the border to create a recess. If that was hard to follow, don’t worry, I have pictures. 🙂

(Hover over or click the pictures to read more details)

After I had the piece cut out, I thought it would be best to go ahead and heat shape the mask before reattaching the piece. That way I would avoid encountering any issues that could be caused by the glue in the shaping process.


Here are both layers after I shaped them with the heat gun.

All the design that I had previous carved in has opened up just enough to really pop (although you can’t really tell from the picture). I can’t wait to see how that will look once I paint it. The middle point comes out a little bit to fit comfortably on the wearer’s nose,  while the eyes sink in slightly. You can see those particular shapes much more clearly on the black under layer piece in the picture. As you can see, I haven’t cut the eye holes out of the under layer yet. I have yet to decide for sure how I want to handle the eyes. I want to make sure the wearer can see through the mask while the eyes remain externally black. Because of this, I thought it would be best to wait to cut out the eyes on the under layer until I have that sorted out.

The more I look at the references images, the more I see that the eye slits don’t have the angle to them that I thought they did. I’m not sure how I got that in my head, but when I go to correct the pattern, this will also get fixed. Right now, the foam seems a little more flimsy than I would have hoped. On the next one, using thicker foam will probably help, if not eliminate, this issue.


Once I had the under layer shaped the way I wanted, I blasted the cut out piece with the heat gun to give it a similar curve. This didn’t have to be exact, just close enough to work with. This foam is thin enough that it still has plenty of play in it. I then hot glued the cut out so the the outward facing edge lined up with the inward facing edge on the inside of the border. So the cutout is attached just inside the hole.

Here are a couple of angles from the front side. You can see how the cutout has suddenly become a sunken area inside the border. While it’s a little messy on the backside, I’m very happy with how it looks from the front. I’m pretty happy with the pattern overall, though I think the border and cutout pieces could use a little bit of correcting.The sides of the border seem to be a little bit wider on Adam’s mask than on mine.

I carefully cut out the eye slits in the under layer, making sure they lined up with the slits on the top layer.

I wanted to only use materials I had lying around for this mask. I had some black chiffon from a previous project. I thought this would be perfect to use for the eyes. I folded the chiffon to be three layers of the fabric; this way the eyes look black from the outside while still allowing the wearer to see. I cut the fabric to a rough size and then used pins to hold the layers together and mark the area that would be used.

To make sure the layers would stay together without the pins, I dabbed glue around the edges marked by the pins and rubbed it in to make sure it went through all the layers. Once the glue was dry and I could see that the layers were staying together, I removed the pins and trimmed down the excess material. I mark the glue area on the under layer of the mask, being careful to keep track of the eye slits. From here on out, I had to be very careful of not getting anything on the fabric in the eyes. The fabric glued to the foam really easily, and it didn’t take long for it to be dry enough to glue the top layer on. Again, I applied the glue to the foam, this time the backside of the top layer. The most important part at this stage was the line up the eye slits. since the top layer foam was flimsy, I used the piece between the slits on the under layer to strengthen to corresponding piece on the top layer.

There are discrepancies in the shape of each piece. Even though I used the exact same pattern for both pieces, they don’t line up perfectly because there is a curve to them. I already knew this would be a problem going in, but I got a little too excited and didn’t account for it. Next time, I’ll cut each piece out with some extra space around the edges and wait to trim the mask down to the proper size after both pieces are glued together. That way I can ensure a clean and even edge around the whole mask. I may even bevel the edge a bit.

This particular mask is sort of like a trial run to test the pattern and to try some new techniques. When I go to make the next one, there are some issues I plan on fixing.


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