RWBY: Adam Taurus’ Mask WIP Part 1

I always enjoy having random projects to work on and perfect my skills. I was in a big RWBY mood (but when am I not?) so I decided to make something from the show. Adam’s mask seemed like the right balance between simple and detailed, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Once I’m able, I plan on making a downloadable pattern for the mask, as well as a proper tutorial.


Everyone’s favorite Jerkface

So here’s my progress so far. For this project, I’m using:

  • Craft foam in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses
  • Non-corrugated cardboard (also known as chipboard)
  • Precision knife set (A box cutter or X-acto knife will work)

I started off by making a paper pattern before creating a more sturdy, cardboard pattern. I only have the eye slits drawn on one side because I flipped the paper pattern and used the same eye slits to mark both sides.


Here’s the cardboard version. When I flipped the paper pattern to mark the eye slits, I also used that to make sure the mask symmetrical.


Here’s the pattern I made for the top layer. I drew the designs for one side, and then used tracing paper to mirror it on the other half.


I traced the design pattern above and then used that tracing to transfer the pattern to the craft foam. This is really easy to do. Simply place the graphite side of the tracing paper on the craft foam, hold it so it won’t move, and rub the paper until the graphite rubs off onto the foam. Then just draw over the graphite! Keep in mind, if you have asymmetrical designs, this way will mirror whatever drawing you have. Because this mask is completely symmetrical, I didn’t have to worry about that problem.


Here’s the top layer of the mask cut out of 2mm foam. The design on the left hand side has been drawn over with a pen, whereas the design on the right hand side is just the graphite rubbing.


The under layer is made of a thicker, 3mm foam and has an arch that extends past the height of the top layer.


Here are both layers together so you can see the slight shape difference. You can see the original design pattern on the cardboard underneath!


It’s important that you use a very sharp knife to cut out your foam. This will insure that your edges remain nice and smooth. Some people will use box cutters or X-Acto knifes. I personally use this knife set I found at Wal-Mart for around $10.The different types of blades really come in handy!


I used a precision knife to carve in the designs. To do this, just follow your lines and make sure you don’t cut all the way through the foam. Once you use a heat gun on the foam to shape it, the heat will cause the cuts to open up a bit, making a nice groove on the foam’s surface.


So now the pieces are just waiting to be heat shaped! As you can see, I haven’t cut the eye slits out of the bottom layer yet. I plan on adding a piece of black fabric between the layers so the wearer can see out, but their eyes will remain hidden.

I’ll continue to document my progress and keep you all up to date with how the mask is coming along!


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